It’s not
just a gin,
it’s pure

28 botanicals make for STIN's unique flavour and its fresh scent. Especially defining are juniper, apples from South Styria and elderflower from East Styria, lemons and oranges. But also traditional ingredients such as caraway and cilantro take their part in STIN's rich diversity of flavours. To sustain this grand variety of aromas, the STIN is distilled in a 50-litre copper kettle.

STIN is a wonderful basis for cocktails and long drinks, but because of its fine structure one can taste it pure, just poured on some ice, as well.

Due to its production STIN is a London Dry Gin.

In 2018 STIN won the international “World Spirits Award“.


“We have spend a lot of time together, so it was kind of natural for us, to start distilling alcohol together.”



500 ml

Alcohol strength

47% vol.

Produced in
Steiermark, Österreich
28 botanicals,
handmade, distilled
in a 50-litre copper kettle


“With apple and elderflower we bottled up our home.”


Johannes & Reinhard

The Styrian Dry Gin is produced by Johannes Firmenich and Reinhard Jagerhofer. A guy from South Styria and one from East Styria, both with a passion for working together and working for the perfect distillate. It has probably been destiny, since both their fathers honour the heritage of distillation at their husbandries. As Brand Ambassador “World Class Bartender” Philipp M. Ernst helps to carry the taste of STIN out into the world.

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